Creating Faux Websites- Queensmount PS

As part of the work that I had been doing with the Queensmount students on evaluating websites, I went back to the school yesterday to help them create their own faux websites.

Don’t worry, we aren’t actually going to have the students set up actual hoax websites (at least not yet;) but were interested in seeing if the students could create a page that would look like a legitimate website keeping in mind the criteria we had been exploring.

We decided to give the students a choice of the tool they would use:  Keynote, PowerPoint, Pages, Comic Life, Microsoft Publisher, etc.  I also did a quick demonstration on how to create an infographic and set it up to look like a web page.  We did have some technical issues with but we persevered.   I’m going to play around with it some more and see what I can create as well.  I know…I’m late to the party with infographics but better late than never.

I’ll be going back over the next couple of weeks to work with the other classes and I’m hoping I’ll have some student work to share.

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