PLP Mentor Check In #1

As part of our PLP action research planning meeting (February 15), we agreed to meet as Mentors monthly to reflect on how things were going with our Mentees and our action research plan as a whole.

We arranged to meet on the following dates:

Wednesday, March 20 – 7pm – Elke

Thursday, April 18 – 7pm – Alison

Friday, May 10 – All Day – Board Office

The purpose of these meetings is to reflect on how things were going with our plan, themes that are arising from working with our mentees and any challenges.  Of course, we also want to focus on our successes thus far.

We met at Elke’s place to discuss how things were going.  It was interesting to note the differences between schools.  The majority of us have really supportive administrators (and supervisors) who are excited about our plan to mentor our colleagues- so much so, that some of us have more than one mentee.  Others on the team are struggling with lack of support.  It just hits home for me out important it is to have that support from the top down.

We discussed what was working well- all the mentees were super keen and eager to get going with their learning.  We also talked about the challenges- lack of support from admin and finding the time to get together with mentees.  We also looked at our NING and how we could really leverage that as a tool to support our mentees.

I must admit I’ve been a bit remiss with posting in the NING.  I’m finding it a challenge to remember to go in there and post my reflections and comment on the posts made by our mentees.  I think I need to set out specific time to go and do so or it’s just not going to happen.

Stay tuned.


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