Action Research Planning Meeting with Powerful Learning Practice (PLP)

As part of our PLP Action Research Planning, Becky was able to give us a day to get together with the team to plan out what our action research was going to look like.  We had been discussing the direction we wanted to go and what we wanted to achieve but we really had not formulated a concrete plan.  Having the day to reflect on PLP and our journey thus far was invaluable.  I admit, I was bit concerned going into this day as I felt that I didn’t have a good handle on what we were trying to achieve but at the end of the session I felt really good about what we wanted to do and how we were going to get there.  It was great being able to interact with the team F2F and I really did feel renewed and excited again about what we wanted to do.

We spent the morning reflecting on our journey through PLP thus far, focusing on what we liked, didn’t like, how it could better, the effectiveness of the Webinars vs Curriculum Adventures, using the NING platform etc.  I think we were quite honest with our reflections and it was important to do so because we needed to leverage our own learning with what we wanted to accomplish with our action research.  Jeff created a Google Doc to capture our reflections.

The rest of the day was spent looking at our reflections and trying to identify themes that seemed to be emerging that would help inform our action research.

Our guiding question for our Action Research is:

How do we build the capacity of staff around new learning tools and pedagogy that will be sustainable in the long term?

Our desired outcome:

Develop an understanding of how to increase the competencies of staff through the lens of TPACK.

What Does that Look Like:

Mentorship program with peer in similar job role

Mentorship Ning

Mentor Reflections about mentoring

Mentee Reflections about learning/mentor experience

Pulling common themes from reflections


We then created another Google Doc in order to collaboratively develop our plan and share it with other members of the PLP plan.
It’s definitely a working document but I’m excited to be moving ahead.  I think we could really do something with this.





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