Courtland- PLC and Inquiry Cycle

I was contacted late November by the LST and Vice-Principal at Courtland about coming in to assist them on their summative task for their learning cycle.  The students would be creating two advertisements for the same product.  One ad would be created by Glogster using a variety of different methods to persuade the target audience to buy the product (pictures, a link to additional information or the company’s website, music, possibly voice recording) and the other would be created using a poster.

Now, in the past when I’ve been asked to participate in PLCs I’ve usually come in at the beginning of an inquiry cycle or an introduction to the Virtual Library or something along those lines.  I’ve never been asked before to help create a summative task that really didn’t involve inquiry.  However, upon discussion with my Librarian Consultant and the Elementary IT Consultant, it was decided that this kind of resource support was perfectly in line with what we were trying to do with digital literacies.  So, I agreed to come out and do a tutorial on Glogster.

Now that being said, I really didn’t have too much experience with using Glogster so I attempted to make my first Glog.  Check it out below.  I actually ended up using it for my Library AQ.

I had to do some investigating as Glogster is now a pay for use site.  You do get a free version but it has limited capabilities.  There is a Edu Glogster account that you can try on a trial basis.  It does offer various accounts with expanded services that you could use with your students for various fees.  You can purchase an account for you only or you can buy them for your school.

Definitely worth exploring.

All in all, I had a great time at Courtland.  We had fun learning Glogster together and we came up with some really great ideas for the student’s summative tasks:)

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