Lester B Pearson- Staff Meeting

Today, I was invited to attend Lester B Pearson’s staff meeting.  I was first on so that was good:)  Most of my brief presentation was geared toward resources available to teachers, e.g., Virtual Library, CIR, Learn 360 and the ASCD and ISTE collections available through the Education Library.  Prior to attending the staff meeting, I had sent out an email to staff (posted in their school conference), outlining the ways I could support staff and students.

Teacher-Librarian Support




I think the session went well judging from their reactions but unfortunately it has not led to any opportunities to work with staff.  Unfortunately, my timing was a bit off as it was right in the middle of the contract negotiations and work to rule.  The staff there was was very unhappy and divided.  Several teachers did come up to tell me that it wasn’t personal, that perhaps this year was just not the year to making in-roads as a teacher-librarian.

In any case, I managed to introduce myself and get a face with a name so you never know what might happen.

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