Northlake Woods- Grade 7 Virtual Library

I’ve decided that I really suck at naming my posts.  I’m just not that creative when it comes to titles.  Mind you, I also need to call them things that I will remember so I can find them again.  Yes, I know.  Quite lame.

So, word of mouth travels fast (and well).  Luckily for me, I’ve done some work with teachers at Northlake Woods and have developed some great relationships there.  A couple of the teachers know me from CATC connection, ECOO and Grade 7 & 8 Literacy Networking.  Having those connections is really helping me make in-roads into schools.  It also helps when they can help me drum up support for my program.

One teacher there is a great supporter of the library program (and of me;) and as a result, I was approached by another grade 7 teacher to come in and work with her and her students.  It was a History class and they were interested in looking at what resources were available on the Virtual Library and how to differentiate and find primary and secondary sources.

We decided to split the lessons over two days.  Today, I went in to show them how to access the Virtual Library at school and at home, how to navigate through the Library Learning Commons, and where we could do some exploration when it came to finding the right source for the right task.

Today went very well and the kids were very interested to find out what online resources were available to them.  I’ll be returning on November 26 to start working with Primary and Secondary sources.

Stay tuned.



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