Forest Hill

During my Principal visit in October, the Principal at Forest Hill invited me to spend the day on November 20.   I had sent out an email previously letting the staff know that I was coming and the kinds of things that I could help them with.  There wasn’t a definite plan- the Principal wanted to keep it flexible by allowing staff to know I was there and they could stop by when it suited them.  I largely hung out in the library and a few people did stop by to say hello but apart from a few new introductions, nothing really came out of my being there for the day.  I think it works better if I have a definite focus when I’m there, i.e., working on Learn 360 or an Inquiry process.  It was a learning for me that the drop-in model really doesn’t work unless perhaps there are already established connections.

That being said, the day wasn’t a total loss as I was able to send some time in the Library.  Forest Hill is to be getting their library renovation this year and right now, the library is located in a temporary location.  While I was there I spend some more weeding and packing up of some resources.  I also got the chance to spend some time with the Library Clerk going over some of the new processes.

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