Visit to the Developmental Education Class at Northlake Woods

I was once again lucky enough to have been invited back to Northlake Woods.   This time I had been been approached by the teacher of the Developmental Education Class at Northlake Woods.  Specifically, she was interested in ways she could use the library and our resources to support her students.  We met briefly to talk about what was she was looking for and the specific needs of her students who ranged in age and cognitive ability.

She and her students where using the library daily for book exchange but she was interested to see if the Virtual Library had resources that could support instruction.  The teacher was very excited to explore Tumblebooks, an online reading resource where students can read or listen to ebooks.  Tumblebooks is geared more toward primary so she was very excited to have a resource that students could conceivably use themselves or with limited assistance from an EA.  I also showed her some great links and websites under the Grade 1 section of Student Link.  We found some great resources on telling time, counting, and good hygiene.  We had a great session and she invited me back for another visit, this time when the students would be in class.  Really looking forward to it.

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